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Indian Goebbels

October 7, 2008

I was viewing a news channel yesterday. They are discussing about Orissa. A Christian father has proclaimed that it is not a religious fight but an oppression by “Brahmanical Hinudus” on dalits.  Many a times I wonder how Nazis could sway an entire population.. As Paul Joseph Goebbels put it, when a lie is repeated again and again and again with total conviction the lie will turn in to a truth.. How prophetic Goebbels was ? Is it not his statement stand the time with the above utterances.. The father further stated that Tribals do not belong to Hinduism..Amazing..

Coming back to orissa , I do not subscribe to what has happened there. If most of the tribals feel that christ can salvage them so be it. If it can give them food, shelter and education who are we to stop. We should also understand that India is the only country where religious victory is through healthy arguments and not through Jihad or Crusades. The indian philosophy talks to an individual and not to a society. It talks about the spiritual uplift of an individual than politicizing of a society. Why go against the core tenets of Hinduism? Some can argue that it is not what Krishna spoke in Bhagawat Gita, He urged Arjuna to participate in the war. The argument has a fallacy. It is not taking into consideration what has happened before the war became inevitable. Krishna himself went as a messenger and asked for 5 villages.

Looking the whole scenario from a political angle, Should Hindu religion have a political ambition ? My answer would be no. Never in the past in the land of Sindhu, religion formed a key political aspect. From Chandra Gupta Maurya to Kulothunga Cholan many faceted Hinduism grew. Only during Aurangazeb , Shivaji brought in Hindu Rashtra to combat such a widespread destruction of Temples.