Mumbais Resilience – A cliche

For last 56 hours a very high Human Tragedy was enacted live. A bunch of barbaric youths with all sort of weapons could bring down the lives of many many innocents. What is behind all this :

a) Now come th analysis of few English Channels in India : This is caused by the anguish that right wing Safron terror is causing in this country for last 3500 years. They have killed millions and millions of innocent lives. So what should we do ? We should engage in democratic dialogues with Pakistan which is also suffering due to Safron terror. Pakistan in the last 60 years was ruled by 10-15 politicians / Military which opperessed the pakistanis genuine affection towards India. Even during the parliment attack people from Pakistan came to see our democratic functioning. As a usual practice/custom  which is very prevalent in north west frontier these guys carried some Ak57, few hand grenades.. Our security forces mistoook and started firing them. So we should all understand that Pakistan is our friendly neighbour and we should show an olive TREE!!.



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