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Indian Political Class’s Apathy

December 4, 2008

Last week, I was not working much. The attack on Mumbai has completely occupied my neurons and that being fed continuously by 24*7 Channels. Thinking about Commandos, Army , public , politicians , US, Pakistan and Jihadis. Reading every possible blogs, news papers . Am I feeling very vulnerable ? Is India an extremely weak nation ?
All this running through by cranium, I started to office last Friday in spite of heavy rains. I could not drive because it is flood everywhere. Dejavu. Last year and year before till my memory can go the sorry state of this locality is same. The flooded houses, roads in between craters, people standing out in waters with unemotional face, few policemen do not know what do.
Rains abated and I was dropping my kid to School. I could see refreshingly young faces in bright uniforms happily talking, giggling into the school. It is a narrow road and I am trying to reverse my car. A young boy ( may be 10 years) helping me out. I started observing him, he is still a very young boy , carrying some candies and a big bell. His eyes are eagerly waiting for someone to buy something from him. He is watching his age kids going in and out of school but expecting someone to buy so that he can have his daily food. My eyes turned moist .
Do not worry about the name of the place; I know it is the same everywhere and the experiences would be exceptionally similar.