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Trying to be Secular

May 14, 2009

I am getting into it again.. I keep hoping India would get a clean government and hence I follow the Election results very eagerly and I might add more fanatically also. Long since , realization has dawned on me that English Media are prejudiced lot. They are overtly Pro Congress and If I may add anti Hinduism. Even today NDTV caption is Hindu Votes, Muslim Votes and Dalit Votes. Does it mean that Dalits are non hindus. Wait a sec By asking this question I am the most Hindu Fanatic ? So what should I do to prove my secular credentials :
• I should eat beef as proclaimed by a Union Minister.
• I should accept St Thomas taught my race how to think and before he arrived here our race was living in caves. But logically if I may argue that there are evidences that point to highly evolved civilization before , Prime Minister will doubt my secular credentials.
• I should accept what happened in Gujarat in 2002 is a blot in the constitution but I should forget what happened in the streets of Delhi during 1st week of November 1984 else PM will doubt my secular credentials.
• I have to accept the entire dynasty of a Man who proclaimed By education I am an Englishman, by views an internationalist, by culture a Muslim, and I am a Hindu by accident. If my left brain has some questions on this , PM will doubt my secular Credentials.
• The government filed an affidavit in Supreme Court that Ram is a fictional character; Will it not affect millions of Hindus emotionally .. No No again you are loosing your Secular credentials. I should feel only for the inhumane treatment meted to Mr Quotrocci.
• Every recent findings point to Aryan invasion is a Myth. No No you will accepted in Secular coterie only when you accept Aryan Invasion and not only that we should also not talk about Islam invasion.
• When I was deeply wounded by a Head of state proclaiming that RAM is a drunkard and meekly prepared to speak against it, I am loosing my secular credentials.